Steve Humer

My mission is to maximize general knowledge and awareness of product ingredients by reading, sharing, and discussing every known ingredient available on the market through a steady online presence and commitment.

Why is this my mission?

Each of our lives seems significant in the realm of our own minds. Each year we try to learn from the world, give back to the world, and grow as people. We may face drastic changes, such as moving across our planet or raising a family. Technological advances are increasing rapidly, so much so that even the most devoted struggle to keep up with all the chatter in the air. The desire for success and making a living has become overrun with the need to know the latest and greatest tips, tricks, and techniques. We have been heaved into an environment that threatens our health in a way like never before.

The modern human dates back about 200,000 years ago, with agriculture dating back 10,000 years, and genetic modification of our food only in the past 100 years. Agriculture brought with it an explosion to our population, where we now stand at over 7 billion people. The need for genetic modification is mostly due to this population explosion, but also the continual hunger to grow as a species. My fear is that we are reaching a tipping point, that too much of our health is compromised to reach new milestones.

We have to ask ourselves: are we focusing too much on quantity and not enough on quality?

The facts point to the answer, which is that our quality of life is suffering too much. Everywhere we look has statistics of today’s obesity rates, a listing of chronic health problems, and new prescriptions to deal with the hardships of life. This isn’t right.

Our species has been around a lot longer than the industrial revolution as well as agriculture and I believe it’s time to take pointers from the past to succeed into the future. Although there are many changes today compared to the past our bodies are wired to respond to the same stimulus as in the past. By feeding and applying certain chemicals to our bodies we could be jeopardizing our health. We may end up blindly applying or ingesting ingredients that we otherwise would not if better informed.

With flashy labels and big time corporations controlling most of our appeal to products, it’s hard to decipher between bad and good. An artistic label may trick us into buying products that are no better, or worse than others on the same shelf. The way around this hazard is to read ingredients, and know what they mean. It’s not enough to read reviews, ask for opinions, or trust leading companies. Many people are misinformed or have had different experiences, it isn’t enough to base decisions on this alone. This time period is about self-education, and the lack of sources to learn about ingredients needs to end here.

How is this blog being used?

The goal of this blog is to use the internet as a tool to compile a list of ingredients and decipher all the information in the world to come to clear and concise conclusions about what each ingredient means for us. Through comprehensive listings we can move toward a more ideal awareness of how to make smart choices.

This blog is just the beginning, as the journey of health never ends. This isn’t a place to learn diet tips, tricks, or techniques. This isn’t a place to help convince people to eat nutritionally. This isn’t even a place to decide on one proper way of eating. This is a place to grow and work toward greater health, a greater understanding of health, and the ability to spread this awareness everywhere.

Final Thoughts

The FDA is not the enemy, there is no enemy. Whether our lifestyle options were created by demands or greed makes no difference, this is the world we live in. The only way to change negatives is to become aware of them and find solutions to move toward better positives. Nutrition and health are not a one way street, they are a complex and tricky path and pointing fingers won’t help anyone get to an acceptable destination.


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